C – Litter

Lolo gave birth to 5  lovely bitches on the 6/6 – 2016. (3 brindle and 2 fawn).

All have moved to new homes

After below kombination

Father: INTERCh, ROJRCh, ROCh, GRANDROCh, BGCh, GRANDBGCh, SRBCh, MDCh, GEOCh, MKCh, MNTCh, BALCANIK Champion  A’vigdors Rhithm and Blues (Jolly)
Patella: 0/0
Heart: no remarks

Mother: Holleufer’s Lots of Love (Lolo)
Patella: 0/0
Heart: no remarks

Both parents are x rayed in spine and hips,  and are health tested under the Danish Bulldog Club health certificate.

loloweb (362x362)







Lolo                                                                                                                                                                       Jolly



Lolo 2016 Sundhedscertifikat-logo-323




Hvalpebilleder C og D kuld-0158

Hvalpebilleder C og D kuld-0185







Hvalpebilleder C og D kuld-0201

Hvalpebilleder C og D kuld-0203







Hvalpebilleder C og D kuld-0192



Pedigree:  http://ingrus.net/frbull/en/testmating.php?female=103198&male=8106