About us

We are a Family of 4 – Lotta, Steffen, big brother Simon and sister Lilly. We moved to Sweden from Denmark in 2005 and live in north-west Skåne, about 50 km from Helsingborg.

Our house is quite large and the garden as well. We think that’s a great place for Frenchies with a lot of speed and mischief in mind, which one can see signs of both in the lawn and the flower beds!

I bought our first French Bulldog named Aros in 2009, something we as a family haven’t regretted for a second. Being frenchies-crazy – we wanted to have more soon! So, in summer 2011 we bought two lovely females – Lolo and Dina.

Since it also went well with Aros on various dog shows, my thoughts about a little serious kennel were not far away, and in spring 2011 I decided to create my kennel with the name Baleyco.

In 2013 I bought Mikita van Marver’s Fortuna (for breeding and dog show). With her, the travel to various dog shows took it all to a whole new level. What a journey we have had. Unfortunatley she  passed away in 2020.

In Autumn 2017 I decided to buy a new breed, for dog shows and breeding. In August 2018 Danga’s Evelina Götesdotter arrived the kennel. She was a Västgötaspets (Swedish Vallhund). In 2022 my mom and I dicided to buy a new breed, Blacksmith Hill Kind and Shiny, a Kromfohrländer. The time will tell if she will delvelop well for dog shows and breeding.

Having several dogs is not something new. I have all my life been surrounded by dogs. From the start it was Boxers since my mother was breeding this race since 1972, she stopped breeding in 2020. From 1992 to 2005 I had my own Boxers (for a period – 3 dogs at the same time) and all my time was spent on training and shows. My first Boxer was Balarina, and after a few years I bought a male, 9 months old and with the name Eyco. From these two names I created my kennel name.

I want to contribute to breed a beautiful and healthy French Bulldog with a lovely character.  I regularly participate in dog shows in Denmark and in Sweden and on this site you can find all sorts of information about my Bulldogs. I strive to follow SKK and FCI guidelines and standards. I am a member of the Swedish Kennel Club, French Bulldog Club Sweden, Bulldog Club Denmark, Specialklubben för Västgötaspets (SKV) and the Swedish Kromfohrländerklubben.