About us

We are a Family of 4 – Lotta, Steffen, big brother Simon and sister Lilly. We moved to Sweden from Denmark in 2005 and live in north-west Skåne, about 50 km from Helsingborg.

Our house is quite large and the garden as well. We think that’s a great place for Frenchies with a lot of speed and mischief in mind, which one can see signs of both in the lawn and the flower beds!

I bought our first French Bulldog named Aros in 2009, something we as a family haven’t regretted for a second. Being frenchies-crazy – we wanted to have more soon! So, in summer 2011 we bought two lovely females – Lolo and Dina.

Since it also went well with Aros on various dog shows, my thoughts about a little serious kennel were not far away, and in spring 2011 I decided to create my kennel with the name Baleyco.

In 2013 I bought Mikita van Marver’s Fortuna (for breeding and dog show). With her, the travel to various dog shows took it all to a whole new level. What a journey we have had. In Autumn 2017 I decided to buy a new breed, for dog shows and breeding. In August 2018 Danga’s Evelina Götesdotter arrived the kennel. She is a Västgötaspets (Swedish Vallhund).

Having several dogs is not something new. I have all my life been surrounded by dogs. From the start it was Boxers since my mother was breeding this race since 1972 and still does. From 1992 to 2005 I had my own Boxers (for a period – 3 dogs at the same time) and all my time was spent on training and shows. My first Boxer was Balarina, and after a few years I bought a male, 9 months old and with the name Eyco. From these two names I created my kennel name.

I want to contribute to breed a beautiful and healthy French Bulldog with a lovely character.  I regularly participate in dog shows in Denmark and in Sweden and on this site you can find all sorts of information about my Bulldogs. I strive to follow SKK and FCI guidelines and standards. I am a member of the Swedish Kennel Club, French Bulldog Club Sweden, Bulldog Club Denmark and Specialklubben för Västgötaspets (SKV).