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Status Dog show 2019

This Year will mostly be Evie’s Year. It has so far been a good mix of bad and very good performans in the rings. First tripp was to Kristianssand in Norway 🙁 , followed by Malmö, Roskilde, Tånga Hed, Nykøbing Falster, Borås, Hannover, Tvååker, Fuglebjerg, Eskilstuna och Norrköping. The results of the dog shows can be seen under the Dog Shows.

So far Evie have received 2x German Junior VDH-CAC, 2x German Junior Club-CAC, 2x Danish Junior-CAC and 2x Danish CAC. Not bad for my little Västgöta’e, who became 1 Year in June this Year.

After Mikita’s BOS in Kristianssand Norway and BOB in Hannover in 2019, Mikita is now CIB (International Champion), Danish, Swedish, Norwegian Champion (= Nordisk Champion), German VDH and IKFB Champion. What a journey we have made together. For now Mikita is staying home, and we hope, she and I again will have some show dayes in veteran class in a few years.